Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Private Resort in Gen. Nakar, Quezon

There is a nice private resort and vacation house in Gen. Nakar, Quezon. It is in Brgy. Pamplona I think, and 10 kilometers from the highway in Infanta. It is owned by the family of Dra. Asanza. Her son Raymond, is a good friend of us in then Congress Mountaineers. We went there last weekend.

This is the view from the backyard. This place can accommodate many cars. Or can be used for camping, small soccer field, etc.

The front view. This side can accommodate 4-5 cars. The house has wooden walls and tile roof.

Wide living room inside. Here on the right and elevated side, we just laid the cushion, mattress and banig, and we can sleep.

View from the window.

An extension big room.

The toilets and shower room.

The backyard, going to the beach. There is a separate nipa hut on the right, and two cottages in front of the beach.

The beach front. Behind me are the two cottages.

If facing the sea, left side. The thickly forested mountains of Nakar and Sierra Madre Mt. Range.

Right side if facing the sea. There are a few commercial resorts here and they do not look expensive.

Raymond said they do not have the resources yet to develop the place into a commercial beach resort. But given its spacious area, wide beach front, wide parking lot, and the place as jump off to watch butanding (whale shark), the place can be rented by a big group, say a corporate outing and team building, or a clan reunion. Up to 8 families perhaps. I highly recommend it.

Interested parties, you may contact Raymond at, or cp# 0939 8225898.

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RAYMOND said...

FOR ANY QUERRIES PLEASE SEND YOUR QUESTION THRU MY EMAIL... somebody sent me an sms thru my phone. given the number i believe it was an international number. i replied but i think my reply did not reach them. please contact RAAYMOND ASANZA THRU HIS EMAIL. THANKS

Anonymous said...

is there any bus going to general nakar?

Anonymous said...

No bus directly to Gen nakar, you can ride a bus going to Infanta quezon then tricycle to nakar.